Group Pay

Group Pay is a simple tool for our clients to be able receive donations that are deposited straight into their Vortex Servers account balance. Next time their invoice rolls around your donations will pay as much as they can towards the invoice. If they receive more donations than the invoice, it will simply roll over until the next invoice.

Creating Trust for Donors - You can trust that your donations will go towards the account owner while using Group Pay, the account owner can only use these funds towards our services.

Client Hash: f7415-65389-4a987-a7d6f-0614b-15a37-74
Client Name: James Meyers
Minimum Payment: $5.00
Payment Amount:

Past Group Pay Payments

Below are payments that have been made to this client's Group Pay.

DatePayment fromAmount
11/14/2012$20.00 USD
01/06/2013$30.00 USD
01/08/2013$20.00 USD
02/13/2013$5.00 USD
02/24/2013$20.00 USD

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